Orange Virginia

So what did Prince William the 3rd of Orange give us? Not that much.
He gave us Orange County Virginia. Although I don’t know where the Virginia bit came from.

Maybe you’re wondering if Orange County is a safe place? The good news is that it is as unsafe as the rest of America.

I dpn’t know where the Virginia bit came from but I do know that Prince William gave us the Third county of Orange and I don’t think it’s the current Prince William that everybody seems to like but in the past there was a man by the name of Prince William of Orange and he thought he would spread his name around.

He said to himself,”I will use this fantastic and totally awesome colour that I have been named and bestow it all over the place”.

What a lovely man and the County that he chose was Virginia. MAybe because he was in it at the time.

Even before Donald Trump made that colour popular orange County Virginia is a beautiful place.

It has many shops where people can enter and exchange money for goods and services.

It even has petrol stations so peoople can fuel their automobiles or flying helicopers and continue on their journey.

It has many people who visit those shops and who visit those petrol stations…and even some people who walk their dogs and cats.

Right now in Orange County Virginia people are pushing their loved ones to shops or pushing their vehicles to local petrol stations, like it says in the instructions.

Maybe someone is fueling their aeroplane or hanglider at a gas station and soon they will take flight and soar through the air like a bird or like an albatross or an emu or a giraffe…maybe a pegasus.

Many people in Orange County Virginia take their dogs for a walk at night and then they return home and look after their cats and sit in front of the TV and watch all the news of the many things that happened in Orange County that very day.

Virginia men watch the famous Orange County movie starring Chevy Chase and many other fine actors.

Obviously Orange County was not named after the fruit but that doesn’t mean they have inferior quality vegetables. They’re famous for their grapes and grapefruit and hot dog shaped bananas. You can get one at a fruitshop and get it autographed.

If there were a member of royalty who were named Purple would he have named Orange County Purpl County? It’s possible.

There would be just as many people there visiting their local petrol stations and getting purple petrol in their Automobiles and helicopters and there would be people walking their Purple dogs up and down the town.

And people would continue to walk to work past Purple county’s famous garbage bins and pizza restaurants and churches.

In summary: Orange County Virginia is one of the finest counties in America. Once you leave you will feel an emptiness in the pit of your stomach and nothing you do will fill that hole except for oranges and documentaries about royalty.

Obviously I have never been to OC but if I were forced to go I would visit their famous buildings and restaurant and I would spraypaint my money and car orange and I would wave them infront of the mayor and they would probably give me an honorary degree.